A Summit of Hope, Renewal and Self-Compassion

Thursday, August 18, 2022

8:30am - 3:30pm

Red Lion Hotel | 2525 N 20th Ave, Pasco, WA

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As educators, most of us feel a sense of mission to serve. By choosing this path, we become increasingly aware of both the joys and challenges involved in our work. Some of these challenges emerge from the flawed macro and micro systems in which we work, and others come from our constant struggle to care for ourselves while caring for our students. Both can lead to isolation, resentment, and burnout. The only way we can be there for our students is if we are there for ourselves. In this presentation we will explore some of the methods of self-care that can not only help us, but also transform the culture in which we work.

This is a conference to support school staff. The goal is to equip teachers & staff to prevent burnout, provide coping skills, and find joy.

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