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Local Health Improvement Networks

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health


Studies show only 10 to 20 percent of a person's health is related to medical care. The rest is attributed to non-medical, social factors including economic stability, education, housing, food security, transportation, and more.


  • Identify and tackle social determinants of health
  • Improve access to care and individual outcomes
  • Reduce overall care costs


Greater Health Now works with seven Local Health Improvement Networks (LHINs) to support initiatives that strategically identify and address the most critical social determinants of health (SDOH) in our region. With the Community Health Fund of $1.4M, organizations are successfully tackling non-medical barriers to health including education, employment, transportation, housing, and more.

Social determinants of health vary by county. Each LHIN is a formalized group of individuals who coordinate and collaborate on activities to address their respective communities' health issues and disparities. They partner with local foundations to work with community-based organizations that deliver on these needs. 

Below is an overview with each LHIN and prioritized SDOH by county. 

Columbia & Asotin Counties
Prioritized SDOH: Overweight youth, youth immunizations, substance abuse, bullying, and access to care
LHIN: Southeast Washington Alliance for Health
Foundation: Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Kittitas County
Prioritized SDOH: Food/nutrition, housing, social isolation, and behavioral health
LHIN: Kittitas County Health Network
Foundation: Yakima Valley Community Foundation

Walla Walla County
Prioritized SDOH: Behavioral health, housing, and education
LHIN: Blue Mountain Regional Community Health Partnership
Foundation: Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Whitman County
Prioritized SDOH: Family issues and transportation
LHIN: Whitman County Health Network
Foundation: Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation

Yakima County
Prioritized SDOH: Housing insecurity, employment, education, transportation, emotional & mental health, and legal issues
LHIN: Yakima County Health Care Coalition
Foundation: Yakima Valley Community Foundation

Yakama Nation
Prioritized SDOH: Suicide, COVID-19, behavioral health, substance use, and housing
LHIN: Yakima Nation

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