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A day with a community paramedic - Greater Health Now

A day with a community paramedic

On Friday, February 17th, 2023, Martin Sanchez got the opportunity to ride with Cody Maine from the City of Walla Walla Fire Department. The day started with Cody doing some care coordination work for a patient before going out to do home visits. After Cody drove to Providence St. Mary Medical Center to pick bandages to take to a person that has co-morbidities and is currently suffering from ulcers in her heels. Once we got to the home, Cody started talking to the caregiver and looked over her medications, and made sure that she was doing ok. Once we left the home, we drove to the Sleep Center. In the sleep center, Cody has a great relationship with the staff there and cracked a couple of jokes with them while at the same time asking for patients that he has seen there before. We walked around the sleep center and talked to an individual that has on-set early Parkinson's disease. This individual had run out of the medication that would help with his condition, Cody being involved in his care for some time now called the person that was going to drop off the medications right there and then so that the individual could hear it himself at what time they are dropping off his medications. After we left the Sleep Center, we drove to the Christian Aid Center, where Cody identified a homeless veteran in a wheelchair that needed to be connected with the local VA and other services. After lunch, we drove around the downtown area to just see if he can identify any individuals that he can help. During that drive, he talked to one homeless individual that he talked to and asked if he needed anything but the individual said no so Cody left one of his business cards with him just in case he needed anything in the future. The next stop was with a lady that had gotten a pacemaker and was checking on her to make sure that she was doing ok. She was so delighted that Cody keeps checking on her to make sure that she is doing well that she gave him some cookies for him to take home. Our last stop was with a lady that Cody has been working with for a while now. She suffers from multiple co-morbidities as well as some mental health issues. He talked to her and checked her vitals and asked her other questions about her health. During the process of asking questions, he found out that she was running low on two of her medications that treat her mental health and was not planning on getting them until sometime next week. After the visit, Cody drove down the street to Rite Aid to pick up the medications for her. After this visit, we drove to the fire department and called it a day.