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Garfield County Fire District 1 - Greater Health Now

Garfield County Fire District 1

Garfield County Fire District 1 is located in Pomeroy, WA, and is one of the fire departments in the Emergency Medical System Innovative (EMSI) program. Over the past several months, Mariann Cleveland has been working hard to put their program together. One of the things that Mariann has been able to accomplish is that she has been working on creating connections out in the community. One of the connections that Mariann has made is with the Garfield County Hospital District. The hospital is now aware of the program that the fire department is building and is now starting to refer patients to the program. Mariann has also developed a referral in all of the rigs that EMTs use so that when they come across a community member that they think can benefit from the program, they can put in a referral for follow-up. Some success for Garfield County Fire District 3 includes providing hand railings, have helped with transports from the hospital back into the home, and ensuring that the patient’s needs are met and that their home is safe for the patient, including checking smoke detectors.