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Greater Health Now Community-Based Workforce Regional Network - Greater Health Now

Greater Health Now Community-Based Workforce Regional Network

Hazel Kwak, BHSc, Greater Health Now's MPH Intern, is helping develop a Community-Based Workforce Regional Network. The benefits of a regional network include a resource platform, sharing learning opportunities, and supporting workforce development specifically for our region's community-based workers. Some examples of a Community-Based Workforce include Community Health Workers, Promotoras, Care Coordinators, Doulas, Resource Navigators, Peer Support Specialists, Peer Navigators, and Recovery Coaches. Phase one of the project involves an inventory assessment of our region’s community-based workforce. If you haven’t already taken the survey, please make your voice count!

What if your community already has an informal or formal network?

Great! Our goal is to create a regional network spanning our nine counties.

As an organization that may employ community-based workers, your input is vital to creating a robust network of value. Please fill out the attached survey.

We are eager to gather all responses by 3/15/2023.