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Introducing Greater Health Now! - Greater Health Now

Introducing Greater Health Now!

Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health (GCACH) is excited to introduce its new name: Greater Health Now.  

The name Greater Health Now demonstrates our focus and drive on creating greater health in our region. When it comes to population health, we know it is important to strive for change sooner rather than later. To do this, we work with partners from all over the state to create meaningful solutions that bridge the gap between healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and the needs of the people they serve.  

Despite the name change, GHN has the same intent of advancing the health of the population through collaboration, innovation, and engagement. During the past five years, we have been dedicated to making an impact through several initiatives including:  

These efforts tackle transforming the healthcare delivery system, workforce shortages, and building community resilience. Learn more about these initiatives by visiting clicking the links above. We are excited to continue this work in the coming years.  

One of our next endeavors includes bridging the gap of unmet healthcare needs through an innovative emergency medical services program: EMS Innovated or EMSI. High utilizers of emergency services are a drain on the healthcare system and often experience poor outcomes. Our goal is to work with EMS providers to help these high utilizers find and use preventative primary care, improve health outcomes, and increase access to care. This program is set to launch in August 2022.  

If your organization is involved with addressing community needs, we encourage you to attend our monthly Leadership Council to advocate on behalf of your community. These meetings bring together professionals from many different sectors including local government, healthcare, community-based organizations, education, public health, public safety, and more. The benefit of attending these convenings is to see how other organizations with similar missions achieve success, create partnerships, and gain insight into regional initiatives and state objectives. Check out our calendar for the next meeting!  

Thank you for embarking on this journey to greater health with us.