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Partner Spotlight - Greater Health Now

Partner Spotlight

Lourdes Counseling Center has been going through many changes throughout the last few months. This ranged from new leadership, workforce/staffing issues, and restructuring of their programs. Throughout all of the change that has been going on, they have been resilient with Practice Transformation. LCC has been working with Greater Health Now to implement milestones from the Greater Columbia Cares Model. Nelly Navarrete and Mauricio Gomez had to go through a learning curve to be able to understand the milestones and deliverables for our program as the new leads for this work.

Lourdes Counseling Center is focusing on patients going through counseling that also have diabetes. Lourdes Counseling Center has been successful in quarterly reporting in all milestones and will continue to contract with Greater Health now for the two additional quarters. A big thank you to everyone at Lourdes Counseling Center and keep up the good work.