Primary Care Transformation Model

The Health Care Authority (HCA) in Washington State, in collaboration with state payment providers and primary care professionals, has developed an innovative Primary Care Transformation Model (PCTM).

This initiative aims to standardize benchmarks, offer support for practice, and equip primary care facilities to adeptly transition to a value-based care paradigm. The PCTM’s initiative meets the quadruple objectives— enhancing the patient care experience, improving the health of populations, curtailing healthcare expenses, and bolstering the workplace environment for both clinicians and staff members.

In anticipation of the 2024 pilot program for the Primary Care Transformation Model, Greater Health Now commenced preliminary dialogues with local primary care clinics in August 2023.

These consultations resulted in the formation of a diverse group of nine clinics from around the region committed to pilot-testing the PCTM. Laurel Avila, MBA, BSN, RN, and an accredited PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home) Content Expert, has taken on the PCTM Subject Matter Expert role, providing critical technical support to the participating clinics. This initiative promises to significantly enhance integrated care for individuals in the communities these clinics serve.